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Transpersonal Art Therapy & Counselling



Transpersonal Art Therapy combines client centred counselling with art processes to provide a creative, holistic approach to healing and transformation. The art is used as a tool to help externalise what’s going on internally for a client. By creating an image, colour or symbol, we can turn a thought or idea into a tangible thing and work with it; helping us to gain new perspectives and a deeper understanding of the issue or emotion we are experiencing. Transpersonal Art Therapy supports clients to access their own inner wisdom and intuition. Some of the techniques used are personal journalling, mapping tools, dreams work, guided meditations, card readings, myths, ceremonies and rituals. 

Art Therapy is not about creating a masterpiece - it's about expressing and exploring what is real and authentic to you. The focus is never about the quality of the art, rather the message it perceives. Anybody can do Art Therapy, no experience needed and all processes and art mediums can be modified to suit your needs.

Image by Matthieu Jungfer

'Transpersonal which literally means "beyond the persona or personal" marries psychology and spirituality. 
In psychological terms, transpersonal means revealing the true self and inner authenticity. 
It is a path to self-awareness and self-realization, which unites ancient and modern wisdom and offers a range of tools and techniques to explore the many aspects of our existence'




Hello, my name is Phoebe Clare and I identify as a white cisgender woman. I graduated in May 2019, with an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy, with the College of Complementary Medicine. I hold a membership with Holistic Therapies Australia and recently received my Certificate in Shamanic Transformational Mask. 

I acknowledge the traditional owners of Country throughout Australia and support the recognition of traditional Aboriginal Lore across the Nation. I pay my respects to all elders past, present and emerging on this land. 

I am of European descendant; my matrilineage coming from the Netherlands and my patrilineage is Picti, an ancient Scottish Highland tribe. My ancestors migrated to Australia, onto stolen land - I acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. 

Through my own personal healing journey of loss, grief, depression and anxiety; I found creativity, art, visualisation, nature, and deep listening to have the most profound healing qualities. Art therapy provided me with a framework to navigate through difficult situations, it taught me how to express and be with any emotion, and reconnected me to my own wisdom and inner knowing. 

As a transpersonal practitioner my focus is supporting you on your authentic journey and creating a safe container for you to explore within. I’m here to teach you tools and techniques to deepen your connection to self, spirit and the land, so that you can walk your path with more support, knowing and ease.

​I have a strong love for the sacred mysteries of menstruation and the natural, cyclical world. The modalities I weave into my work are art exploration, creative expression, soul crafting, movement exploration, guided meditation, holistic charting, ritual and ceremony. All used to help relax into the present moment, spark new perspectives and connect you to your inner wisdom.

I provide one-on-one art therapy sessions and menstrual guidance sessions online and at my home practice in Curl Curl, as well as Sabbat Circles at The Plantroom, Brookvale on Gai-mariagal land. I am also available for group work, ceremonies and rites of passage. 

I support all people from all walks of life - LGBTQIA and POC friendly. Get in touch if you’d like to know more about any of the services I offer - I’d be happy to discuss and assist you in finding the right therapy setting/session for you. 

I look forward to journeying together and meeting you, wherever you are at!

Wild blessings, Phoebe Clare

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"It was an amazing experience, a wonderful first circle. I felt very comfortable and safe. I really enjoyed the medicine wheel and clay work. It was memorable and different opening up about sensitive topics with people I've never met. It felt great to be open and vulnerable. Just wanted to say thank you for creating this beautiful space and opportunity."

Heart-Space Circle Participant



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